Why working at the Techint Group

All our companies provide high quality products and services for the most demanding industries in the world; that's why we execute projects that go beyond imagination, push the boundaries, and always strive for excellence.

The success of our companies is based on the difference that their people make; therefore, fostering their abilities and promoting their growth is one of the pillars of our corporate strategy.

Our companies operate in highly competitive markets, which require a constant investment in Research and Development. Innovation in products and processes is the feature that makes us lead diverse sectors. Therefore, we have research centers around the world that carry on the fundamental task of creating, improving and going beyond.

We accompany you in your career path

Our people make the difference and let us execute complex projects in a successful manner with a high level of excellence. Their training and development constitute the backbone that ensures the compliance of our objectives in the long term. Therefore, we choose to accompany all the people working with us through special training programs, so they can acquire the skills to develop their potential and grow professionally.

The training programs are based on three pillars: Management, Interpersonal relationships and Supplementary training. These three training pillars will give you the abilities and skills necessary to grow within the company:

Management: The purpose is that you develop the management skills required for a good performance.

Interpersonal relationships: You'll learn to align your personal expectations and the company's needs.

Supplementary training: Tools that complement your training.