Techint Group

The Techint Group if formed by companies that act worldwide, global or regional leaders in their fields, with deep roots in the countries where they operate, each with its own aims and strategies but all partaking an original philosophy of long term presence, commitment to local development, quality and technology.

Global presence, local commitment

Techint Group companies are "multilocal" industrial enterprises deeply rooted in the countries where they operate, and are established with such objective in mind. Thus, they possess a thorough understanding of local cultures, and are able to recognize, and draw fully from local strengths and skills. Companies are committed to economic progress and contribute to local development and growth through their output, investment in human resources as well as investments aimed at improving the welfare of the communities in which they operate. They respect, care for, and contribute to the quality of the surrounding environment.


The management of Techint Group companies is renowned for its professionalism and for the strict financial and operational control it exercises over all ventures. Thus, Techint Group companies are ideal partners for business initiatives, and have often set up joint ventures with both local and foreign partners wherever they have an established presence.

Techint Group companies aim for competitiveness in international markets, relying on quality, technology and an understanding of their clients' needs.

Passion for technology

Techint Group companies have always prided themselves on their ability to manage complex projects and integrate up-to-date technology in all fields of operation, beginning with the companies' own industrial and services facilities and the information and communication technology links that allow them to operate worldwide.

Closeness to clients

A full understanding and evaluation of clients' needs is a main principle of the Group's philosophy. Industrial, engineering and services companies strive to develop long-term relationships with their clients.

Respecting the philosophy of its founder, it is not the policy of the Techint Group to engage in purely financial activities.

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