Techint Group

The Techint Group if formed by companies that act worldwide, global or regional leaders in their fields, with deep roots in the countries where they operate, each with its own aims and strategies but all partaking an original philosophy of long term presence, commitment to local development, quality and technology.


Techint Group companies share common values and safety is a foremost priority: the health and safety of everyone who works in each company of the Group and uses its products and services is the most important principle.

Environmental protection

Environmental protection constitutes a commitment throughout Techint Group companies’ activities, as each company is determined to minimize the environmental footprint of its operations.


Transparency in management and communications constitutes the fundamental value in the relationship Techint Group companies establish with their shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and the communities where they operate. The Techint Group is committed to building a corporate culture of transparency and integrity based on ethical behavior and compliance with the Law. This is essential for the long-term sustainability of our business in a competitive market environment. Throughout the history of the Group, the role of the founding Rocca family represents a continuity of this commitment and constitutes a benchmark for all the stakeholders involved. The ethical dimension of a company goes far beyond compliance, and includes all issues, from respect for diversity and equal treatment for employees to the management of information and the transparency of data and community relations.

Quality, excellence and technological development

Quality, excellence and technological development for a sustainable industrial project: with a decades-long industrial heritage, the Group’s industrial culture is based on a long-term view of the business, a constant pursuit of excellence and a rational and systematic approach to the challenges it faces. The selection and training of professionals; the building of a stimulating and positive environment; shared ethical principles and behavior; a focus on safety; a great teamwork capacity to face difficult challenges; the recognition of professional competencies transparent communication; an abiding respect for the culture of different countries; equal opportunities for professional growth; the adoption of rigorous control and management procedures, clearly demonstrate that Human Resources are at the center of Techint Group companies.


The presence in countries differentiated by their culture, environment and social and economic characteristics; the creation of multinational working groups testify the great value Techint Group companies recognize to multiculturality.


The Group embraces diversity in all its forms: diversity based on ethnicity, gender, creed, race, nationality is part of the Techint Group companies’ DNA and constitutes an important differentiation aspect of our uniqueness as a global enterprise.

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