University Relations

Year after year, the Techint Group seeks to enrich, through various activities and initiatives, the relationship it maintains with the university community. The main objective is to promote mutual growth through the implementation of projects that generate long-term synergies and promote the achievement of shared goals.

In this way, we seek to create value following a single premise: That development, growth and improvement of the quality of life of all societies depend on their actors having shared visions and being able to articulate them. For this reason, we work together with the universities on the basis of a cooperative relationship that respects the identity of each field: We both contribute our knowledge, experience, and capacity from our social role to transform and improve the spaces in which we operate. 

For this purpose, we carry out some programs such as: Visits to the mills, fields and projects, in-class lectures, annual calls for projects for donations to enhance laboratory equipment, job fairs, congresses and events.

For more information on programs and initiatives: